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Anthony Thomas

Strategic Partner


Anthony has almost two decades of experience leading a variety of successful campaigns from mayoral, congressional and legislative speaker elections to voter education and issue advocacy efforts. He is a strategic planning and organizational management professional who focuses on the intersection of politics, policy, strategy and advocacy to procure funding or increase public engagement for clients.

In previous roles, Anthony served as Senior Director for Strategic Planning at the largest workforce education organization in New York City, Consortium for Worker Education, and as Political and Legislative Director for the New York City AFL-CIO, helping unions and workers build power. 

Recently, Anthony led a successful voter turnout campaign in New York City that has been heralded as leading to the election of Mayor Eric Adams and he spearheaded the campaign for New York City’s first Black City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams.

Anthony has directed political and legislative programs across the labor movement, managed municipal campaigns in New York and San Francisco and state and federal races around the country.

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