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Adam Rosenblatt

Founding Partner


Adam is one of the nation’s leading political consultants sought after for his ability to help clients achieve victory through effective research-based strategies and messaging. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Politico, and many other top-tier publications.

Adam designs and executes cutting-edge quantitative, qualitative, and data analytics programs for campaigns as well as non-political clients.


Over the past eight years, Adam has crafted and led complex predictive analytics programs from coast-to-coast that enabled victory in key races through data-driven targeting and messaging.

Adam was named a non-partisan “Rising Star” by Campaigns & Elections magazine and his work has been recognized with many of the highest industry honors including the Pollie Awards, the Reed Award, the Telly Award, and the Goldie Award.

Adam has served as an Adjunct Professor of Research and Strategic Communications at American University in Washington DC, where he received a Master of Arts in Applied Politics as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Public Communication.

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