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Celebrating a year of bold decisions

June marks the anniversary of Bold Decision, and we wish to share some highlights from the past twelve months that we are especially proud of:

  • Highly accurate polling that helped elect over a dozen candidates to office – all of whom were women or people of color

  • Strategic messaging for one of the nation’s largest retail chains as they confronted an emerging existential regulatory threat in communities across the nation

  • Advanced custom predictive modeling that underpinned person-level targeting and led to major victory in several major metropolitan markets

  • Guided prominent trade associations as they faced perennial challenges and how to adapt in a post-COVID consumer / voter environment

  • New eye-opening qualitative methodologies that faithfully capture the thinking and voices of hard-to-reach audiences who would otherwise be unable to participate in conventional in-person focus group

And as we look ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond…

  • We’ve strengthened our expertise with the addition of new strategic partners across the country.

  • Continued involvement in professional associations that advance best practices in campaigns and research, including AAPOR, AAPC, and the Insights Association

  • We’re ramping up for the 2024 election cycle and major primaries as well as new and on-going corporate and public affairs challenges.

We sincerely thank all our clients, colleagues, and friends who entrust the Bold Decision team with providing insights that lead to success.

Thank you!

Bold Decision

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